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A Keyword Selection Tool is one of the modules of the program AllSubmitter.

Promotion and SEO of a website begins with an analysis of keywords and the creation of a semantic core of the website.

Why is this module required when we already have Google Keyword Tool?

This program is able not only to search keywords, but also to analyze the competition according to more than 100 parameters. This tool does not have any counterparts at this moment.

It is more convenient and a hundred times faster to work with this program than to work directly with the Google Keyword Tool; the program is also able to gather keywords from an additional 11 resources.

Possibilities of the module:
To gather keywords from 12 resources.

1. Keyword Tool - Google Adwords
2. Key words of competitors.
4. Tips Google
5. Tips Yahoo
6. Tips Yandex
7. Tips Rambler
8. Tips Mail
9. Tips Nigma
10. LiveInternet
11. Yandex.WordStat
12. Rambler

To analyze competition according to a keyword under more than 100 parameters.
For example: average PageRank, average quantity of backlinks, definition of relevant pages, cost of Adwords, etc.

After the analysis you can sort data under any parameters, build random filters, divide into categories, delete duplicates, and conduct a blacklist.

It enables the user to create any calculated fields on the basis of the received data, for example our own calculation formula KEI.

To calculate the budget of a promotion using the main Russian-language aggregators.

To collect keywords for Google Adwords and Yandex.Wordstat both in a fully automatic mode and in a semiautomatic mode using a browser that can be irreplaceable in initial selection.

To work with keywords both in the form of a table and in the form of a tree.

A report in the form of a tree can render invaluable assistance in analysis of a large quantity of keywords.

To determine seasonality of Google and Yandex, to build graphical reports.

Contains a built-in generator of misprints.

Export, import.

Printing of reports.

A unique check under the blacklist.

A quick addition of a group of requests to the blacklist.

A set export for Adwords.

Working with the project manager.

As in analysis there can be a large number of columns the program enables to save the form of the table for more convenient data scanning.

All these factors make the utility an irreplaceable helper.

And that is not all! The program AllSubmitter contains more than 15 other modules for SEO and promotion of a website in search engines.