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Manual Directory Submission Service

We will manually submit your website to top, FREE, Non reciprocal And SEO Friendly web directories. We have team of experts who will submit your site to quality directories as per submission guidelines. We will provide you quality reports. Manual Directory Submission Service...

Analysis of positions and rankings is one of the modules of the program AllSubmitter.

The utility checks positions and different parameters of your sites and the sites of your competitors in search engines.

What are the benefits of the program over those of our competitors?

AllSubmitter works on the principle of a single setting; everything else will be made automatically by the program, giving the reports for any time limit.
Minimum time, maximum possibilities.


AllSubmitter works with all the most popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Yandex XML ...

It also works with all regional settings of search engines, including Google US, Google RU, Yandex..., as well as language settings and browser settings.

It determines the most essential parameters of the website using PageRank, AlexaRank, and Google Analytics...

It compiles the history of changes and displays these changes in reports.

It works with an unlimited number of key phrases and projects.

Speed - Super Fast!

With our program you will not need to wait hours for results.


It is multithreading to different search engines.
It is able to cleverly check the positions by re-check, with an increased speed of up to 20 times.
It can work by multithreading with a proxy list of; with an increased speed of N times.
It is able to check the positions (100 positions per time), with an increased speed of up to 100 times.
It is able to check the task until the end.
It is able to process authentication codes both in manual and automatic modes.
It is able to automatically process authentication codes using the service antigate.

AllSubmitter's Reports Feature:

It contains more than 15 reports. Everything is available here!
Graphical report for any period of time according to dates.
It makes different exports, including XML, HTML, XLS, TXT, and CSV.
It creates interactive HTML reports in JavaScript.
It is able to give branding reports in XLS with your settings.
It sends reports via email.
It works with job scheduler on request.
It is able to filter keywords, to divide into groups, and to filter according to URL.
It is able to filter according to positions.
It is able to calculate the cost of TOP3, TOP5, and TOP10.
It is able to group several projects into one and give a general report.
It is able to add keywords from text files.
It is able to sort according to the order assigned by a user.
It is able to work with site mirrors.
It is able to quickly add new keywords and to switch off unnecessary ones.
It is able to check only highlighted keywords.
It determines statistics using Adwords.
It determines a quantity of relevant pages for Google.
It is able to conveniently divide your projects into categories.
It conducts logs of the work.
It displays visibility of your site and your competitors' sites according to keywords.

3 projects with an unlimited number of keywords and all possibilities of the module will be checked absolutely free of charge.

And that is not all! The program AllSubmitter contains more than 15 other modules for SEO and promotion of a website in search engines.