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Back Link Cost Analysis Tool By Allsubmitter

When it comes to search engine optimisation, what factor effect you positions and rankings on search engines, the most? One of the major factors is back links. With the changing algorithms of search engines, there are various factors that are accountable for ranking well of your website. Now search engines count the number of websites that link to yours and what keywords they use when they publish your link on their website. This not only helps boost traffic on your site that indirectly comes from the sites linking to you. But it also lets the search engines put a value on this link.

How To Discover Good Back Links And Link Partners?
When it comes to building back links for your web site, it is very important to consider relevant theme, outgoing links from a link page, the quality of the linking website, the other links lying on that website and page etc. There should be no use of link spamming methods and the page rank of the web page holding your link should also be a considerate factor. A relevant and quality website that does not get indulged in any black hat SEO techniques can serve as a good link partner for your website.

How Is Link Cost Analysis By Allsubmitter Helpful?
Right from analysing potential link partners to deciding a set amount of budget for your link building venture, link cost analysis includes all this and more. And to make all back links related analysis and research easy for you, there are automated tools to help you with this. Some of features that our link cost analysis tool offers you are:

Approximate the cost for implementing a link building campaign

Determining the cost of back links to your competitors by search inquiries

Find out sites that are reasonable for buying links

Analyze back links of your competitors and find some valuable link partners without much effort.

Implement analysis adjustments by this tool to adjust according to URL or inquiry list etc.

Checks the indexing of site pages in search engines as well.

Fetches the anchor text by which the links are placed on the partner site.

Allows you to fetch HTML-report that contains more detailed statistical information about competitors’ parameters and back links prices.

By making use of this online tool, you can not only analyze your TOP 10 competitor’s back link strategy, but can also find hundreds of potential link partners efficiently.

Whenever you set a particular budget for your SEO campaign, it is very crucial to analyze the set amount of cost that the whole link-building venture will cost you. Taking help from an SEO expert can do this, but it can cost you for every single activity individually, like for analysis, for finding link partners, for searching good back link sites, for competitor back link analysis etc. So, it is advisable to take the help of an online link analysis tool for this purpose. One of the best tools available online for performing this task is, the Link cost analysis tool by the Allsubmitter, and this is not what we say, this is what its users say about it.