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HTML Optimizer By Allsubmitter

Is your website loading speed too slow, do visitors revert back from your site because it takes too long to load your domain? If so, you definitely need to consider optimisation of your HTML code. Unnecessary white spaces within your HTML code can end up in slow loading of your web pages. Manually checking the code for all your web pages does not sound very feasible, especially if you have a website as large as 300, 700, or thousands of pages in it. Wondering what to do? Do not worry; HTML optimizer tool can take care of this concern of yours.

What Can An HTML Optimizer Do?
An HTML Optimizer optimises your web pages for faster loading by removing all white spaces within your HTML code. This results in reducing the total website size and hence enhances faster loading time. But one of the major tasks that it performs is, analysing the number and position of your keywords within your meta tags and headings. Thus, it helps in the creation of well-optimised metas for your web page.

Why Choose HTML Optimizer By Allsubmitter?
If you want to rank well on major search engines, along with good content optimisation, analysis of good search count keywords, its equally important to use them properly within the metas. The density plays an important role in creating good meta tags for ranking well. The “HTML optimizer” tool by Allsubmitter is an html-code editor with the possibility of analysis of quantity and density of keywords in the main tags. The features that make this tool really valuable are:

Helps you edit content in the title, description tags.

With a set number of quantity of keywords to be included, it helps you edit and create the best keyword tag for your web pages.

Allows editing of meta tag name author

Allows editing of meta tag name copyright

Allows editing of meta tag name publisher and email.

Helps create H1,H2,H3,H4,H5, allowing you to set the right quantity and density of keywords in the tag.

Helps edit the link text anchor content.

Edit all the HTML text of your web page

Check your page appearance similar to that like in a browser.

Edit the content of the ALT attribute of all IMG tags, also check the quantity and density of keywords in the attribute.

Who Needs HTML Optimiser By Allsubmitter?
Any website owner or a person who wants to increase the placement of keywords in major search engines and reduce loading time of your website, requires this HTML optimizer. It gives you a quick access to:

Meta tags

HTML Titles

Web page headings (H1-H6)

ALT text

HTML comments

This tool caters to all of your HTML basic needs for creating a good web page. Try your hand at this quick editing tool that takes care of your most basic, but definitely the most significant SEO needs of your website.