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HTML Validator Tool

Don’t you come across a lot of HTML when you visit the source code of most of the web pages or create your own? Yes, definitely, because HTML is the most SEO friendly and easily implemented back end sources for creating a web page. But when we are talking about HTML, there are certain factors that need to be very well taken care of, for getting presentable web pages. To get a well-structured web page with text, images, multimedia, content etc., it is important to be either an HTML expert, or make use of a good html validator tool for the purpose. Which is what, the HTML validator tool by Allsubmitter offers you.

What Is An HTML Validator?
An HTML validator checks the validity of Web documents that are written in HTML, XHTML, etc. The validity that this tool checks is also known as the markup validity of a web page. For every language, there are a set of words and vocabulary that forms it. Similarly, for HTML, there are certain set of syntax that every document written with this language, is supposed to follow. The task of an HTML validator is to keep a check on all these factors and help you create web documents that are accurate and working. A document that passes all the validator checks is a valid web document.

Why Use HTML Validator By Allsubmitter?
To keep a check on your web pages before making them live, it is very important to analyze that they are error free and follow all syntax properly. For the task, either you have to hire a coder that can cost you huge, or you can take the help of this HTML validator and check for yourself that your web pages are coded accurately or not. The advantages of owning this tool are:

You can use this validation tool for as many websites as you wish to, instead of looking out for a new coder each time.

It will cost you only once and serve you ever after.

It will help you to validate all the markups within the HTML document

Only legal HTML pages are crawled and indexed by good search engines and you definitely do not want to be missed on this.

Clear and reliable results for how a web page will look, when made live.

It will not only list the errors or messages, but will also interpret it for easy understanding.

You can easily implement flash and other utilities, once your simple HTML web page is validated by this tool completely.

It will check all your broken links on the page that will also result good, with respect to SEO of your website.

You can see snapshots of your web page on different browsers and platforms, to ensure how your web page will look, when it goes live.

The advantages of using an HTML validator very well make it transparent, that why is it important. If you want to create error free and valid web pages easily, quickly and get effective results, its recommended to let an HTML validator like the one offered by Allsubmitter, to take care of your web pages. So, do try this validator tool and leave all your HTML markup validation concerns to it right away!