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Competitor Analysis Tool

To beat your competitors, it’s very important to analyze the efforts that they have been making to retain top positions on search engines. Analysing your competitors will help you track what your competitors are doing. This not only enables you to discover areas where you need to focus on to start improving your search engine positions, but also helps you explore new methods and techniques for optimization. A very effective method to do so is by making use of competitor analysis tool.

What Is A Competitor Analysis Tool?
There are many factors that impact your search engine rankings and positions. A Competitor Analysis Tool allows you to compare your competitor’s web page’s optimization to yours. It’s the easiest and the most effective way to find out what your competitor’s have been doing and make the changes in your strategy accordingly, to get a jump on the competition. Being an automated tool, it fetches all the desired information in just a few minutes, that otherwise can take hours and hours of research if done manually.

How Competitor Analysis Tool By Allsubmitter Helps?
The competitor analysis tool by Allsubmitter covers all the important aspects of a good analysis tool, is really easy to understand and very quick and effective. Our tool help you reveal all your competitor’s strategies by:

Comparing your and your competitor’s web page optimization techniques.

Keyword density of your competitor’s web pages to that of yours.

Conducts all on page optimization comparisons

Import/Export your comparison reports

Get your comparison reports directly mailed to your account.

Analyses the link popularity of your competitor site to that of yours

Performs page size and page loading calculations

Get side by side comparisons of your and your competitor’s meta tags

When the tool fetches you all this information and more, it makes it very transparent that which features have you been missing upon. You can also get ideas for new link partners and potential websites that can be of use for your future optimization techniques.
The assessment of strengths and weaknesses of your competitor will prepare you for attaining better rankings in future. This way you can plan both offensive and defensive SEO strategies, so that you can get ahead your competitors in the coming future. To take your online business to the next level, its important to make use of such competitor analysis tools. Following just your thoughts and strategies don’t let you understand what’s going in the market. So, like any other field, in search engine optimization also, researching about your competitors is one of the most crucial factors of all.

All you need to do before taking help form this analysis tool, is to determine your top competitors, your customers, the regions you wish to target, the keywords that you expect to convert etc. Once you are clear about all these factors, you can easily compare all your top competitors with your business and analyze their success factors to yours easily. Analysing your competitors is one of the best practices in the industry. If you definitely do not want to miss on this, you have to give Competitor analysis tool by Allsubmitter, a worthy try.