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Values generator by Allsubmitter

What is the most important thing when you create a web page? It is definitely the content and the information available on it. A web page can miss images, graphics, videos or other features, but not the content. To let the users understand what your website is all about, you need to have a unique and descriptive content on that. And the ‘Values generator by Allsubmitter’ is one such tool that does this for you, creating unique content for your articles and web pages effectively within fractions of time.

What is values generator all about?
Don’t you come across the need of several unique articles and web pages for your online business every day? If yes, then values generator is the tool you have been looking for. This tool can write/rewrite 1000’s of articles and web pages in the quickest way ever possible. This tool can work in three modes:




Although, all the three modes work to generate unique content for you, the only difference lays in the way it combines different words together to form various phrases.

Additional Features of Values generator
Along with creating new content for you, there are various additional features of this tool, like:

Comparison of texts: It allows you to compare two content pieces to find the similarities and differences. The original text and the new text are placed and the tool calculates the percentage of text that has been changed, with respect to the original text.

Replacement of words by their synonyms automatically: If you wish to replace only certain words in your content, this tool helps you to replace as many words in your article, with their synonyms.

Spell Checker: To get the most accurate and good content, it is very important to keep a check on the spellings. The values generator tool has a feature that can spell check your whole content and let you know the errors.

Search for duplicates: It is very important to keep an article or web page content unique to rank well. So, it becomes equally important to check the duplicity of a particular content piece, but it is difficult to compare your content with millions of content available on the Internet. So, this tool allows you to check the duplicity of your content with the other content already available and indexed with major search engines.

Use of macros: You can replace frequently used lists or even groups of lists by macros. This will not only increase readability of your articles but will aslo make easy creation of new articles and descriptions.

Synonimizer: This tool offers you free synonimizer that allows you to fetch a number of synonyms for a particular word.

Generate history: You can save your documents and retrieve them later, which are stored in the base template of the tool.

Plagiarism free content: Since this tool checks the content for duplicates, comparison with other content indexed with the search engines. So, there is no room for plagiarism in your content.

With so many valuable features, it is very transparent that values generator by Allsubmitter is a great way to create unique and quick content for your web pages and day-to-day article requirements. So, do give this marvel tool a try, choose from so many varied features and create the best content for your website without the need to pay high to the content writers for this job.